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It Just Seems So Wasteful To Mow The Grass In The Empty Unused Lot Once A Week

Having to have grass everywhere has always seemed so stupid to me. I mean, I get it if it’s used in a way that it’s beneficial to have a lawn. Parks, picnics sports. That sort of thing all makes sense to me. But I like when unused areas become overgrown and eventually woods. They were some of my favorite places to play as a kid.

There’s a lot near here that was over grown most of the summer when we moved here. There were no houses there and a street divides it from the closest house and the opposite side of the field has the railroad tracks It’s too narrow to really do anything with or build anything on it. People bitched, eventually it got mowed. Then some time ago, Amtrak took all the trees down. Probably so it didn’t adversely affect their electric lines, which make sense, but they grew back (or are at least growing back in the process of growing back.)

I would love to see that lot of land become more of a wild area with trees and ideally native brush. Give the animals a place to hide and live and eat, not to mention not waste finite resources to mow it. Gas for the mowers, leaf blowers and the truck to get it there.

Another option I’d heard was being looked into at one point was someone wanted to buy it and rent out small gardening plots, but nothing ever came of that. We’d have jumped on that for sure if the price was reasonable since it gets sun all day while ore yard because of our tree and the neighbors’ trees gets only a few hours of sun. Our yard is also tiny, so we don’t really have a ton of space to plant one.