These Coastal Storms Never Cease To Amaze Me

It really amazes me every time these east coast storms blow up off the mid Atlantic coast. It just is always so interesting to be able to see things go from fairly disorganized on satellite to an organized large low pressure area. I can remember watching the forecasts on weather world before we got cable tv and the weather channel and that was always so cool. Once we got the weather channel I’d stare at that all day during winter storms sometimes. Sad to see the state that the weather channel is in now with “shows” instead of weather.

It usually starts with the radar blossoming over the ocean and then that starts to organize with the direction starting to shit to a more northerly direction. next you see the banding form with it starting rotate back towards the west making it’s way onshore. This time the heaviest snow is set up over Jersey but other times when the storm is closer to the coast it can be further west to our area.

This is image is a infrared satellite image of the coastal storm off the US east coast on january 29th 2022.

Mature East Coast Storm

Another Mature East Coast Cyclone

I am able to that say I am disappointed we didn’t end up getting snow worth anything here in Lancaster county but that wasn’t really ever expected. It’s always been one of those further off the coast storms on the models. It really does look as if there’s a nice band along the coast. They’re supposed to getting 1 to 3 inches an hour of snow under that band. This year’s pattern has been further off shore. Oh well it’s till fun to watch the power of nature unfold.