This Cold Air Reminds Me Of Hunting Season At The Mountains!

Last evening an Arctic cold front moved through with at least where I was at producing a nice snow squall with a dusting of snow. Kept hearing the wind all night and it kept reminding me of hunting season at eight bees, our place near Hazleton PA. While I didn’t hunt myself because of my poor eyesight I did go to the mountains during hunting season with my dad as I was growing up.

Our heat in our trailer was a coal stove. It was in an old mining area so coal was actually pretty easy to come by or we burned wood in it if it was just for a short while. I’m thinking of laying on the couch in the living room with the heater and hearing the sounds of the fire. The small pops and cracks were very relaxing. It was even more soothing to hear the cold wind outside gusting while feeling the warm heat radiating off of the heater.

I always wished I could read a book there on the couch but for what ever reason in my dad’s trailer even though it had large windows the lighting wasn’t good. Maybe the angle it was parked. No electric so a light was obviously out of the question. This was long before bright LED lights that could run on batteries. The other thing is if large print books were available at all they were prohibitively expensive and usually targeted towards older people.

It was especially nice to warm up near the heater after a day out quadding in the snow and ice and water. Riding my quad really was the closest thing I’ll ever get to actually driving a car. I really miss that place and all those fun things but my quad was stolen and besides that my life has gone other directions that don’t include going there. I wouldn’t give up what I have now for anything.