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This Winter Has Been Full Of Awesome Sunrises

I always appreciate the brighter colorful things in life. That really comes from back when I had my last cornea transplant and everything was not only clearer but so much brighter and more vibrant. I guess the cloudy cornea blocks more light than you’d think and you don’t know what your missing if you can’t see it.

Ever since then I’d have to stop and look and enjoy every sunrise or sunset if I was able to. I really enjoy sunrises since it’s the start of a new day and I woke up that morning. Even in my deepest depression, days without sleep at a time I’d watch the sunrise.

This winter we’ve had consistently colorful sunrises here. Each day has been a little different. We’ve had the low clouds ones where the clouds above or lit up and peaking through the breaks in the lower cloud deck. We’ve had the high clouds where the whole sky glows pink or orange. We’ve also had a lot of very clear ones where just the horizon glows then that quickly fades and the sun comes up.

Life is short. Enjoy the free stuff.