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Thousandth Street Parking WOD

Back in 2019 when I signed up for Street Parking, I wasn’t expecting to stick with it. I wasn’t looking for programming at that time. The only reason that I signed up because Molly did, to maybe help her stick with the WODs. I thought it was only fair that I pay if I use some of their WODs.

It turned out I liked their programming quite a bit and did their WODs pretty much daily except when I had COVID. They do offer a variety with a dumbbell, barbell and sandbag version for most daily WODs.

I’ve been doing them daily since and picking my way towards my thousandth one, which they send you a banner for. I don’t really care about that, but the thousand was a mental goal for me.

Today was the day I would log it. I wanted to do it as a partner WOD with my girlfriend. Her knee’s been acting up, and it was a nice day, so she wanted to do a sled WOD. The problem with the sled WOD idea is that we’d use very different weights, and switching the weight would have been a pain in the ass.

There were no partner WODs that I could find with the sled, so we made to work that was push the sled fifty meters then rest thirty seconds for ten rounds. I noticed that one and remembered doing it, and it got the wheels in my head turning. It takes about thirty seconds to push the weight fifty meters. What if I push it 50 meters one way with her sitting on the forty-five pound plate and the sled, then she pushes it back the fifty meters. That would be about thirty seconds each and a fun way to do the WOD.

We finished it well within the goal time, so it worked out well for us. We got an excellent workout in and got to enjoy doing it in on this bright sunny day. Honestly, the weather was just about as perfect as it could be for early to mid-August, with the nice breeze and low humidity.

Today, my legs were dead tired from doing a shit ton of lunges yesterday in a WOD while wearing my weight vest. Amazingly, most of the rounds for me were sprints. I had a couple where I steered the sled into the rougher part of the alley with plenty of stones sticking up. It can be hard to push in that area, so that was slower trying to get it towards the good part of the road.

Street Parking has been an enormous value to me for $20 a month, well, technically less since I pay for a year at a time. I’ve stuck with it and have logged a thousand plus workouts. Some didn’t count towards my thousand for whatever reason, but that didn’t matter to me. I did the work, and it helped me be in physically and mentally better shape, and that’s the reason I do this to myself. The extras are a nice bonus, but not a reason to improve yourself.