After supper we were going to go for a walk to enjoy the rest of this mild evening but there were thunderstorms in the area. We didn’t get one here but I can’t be too annoyed at being missed given that we’re still in the middle of March. Of course I would have really preferred us getting the storm but that wasn’t in mother nature’s plans today. I am just thankful that there was even a chance. I mean just last a week ago we were having heavy snow.

I went out back just before we were going to head off for a short walk to see if the sunset was lighting up the thunderstorm off to our southeast yet. It wasn’t and I felt some very light drizzle so we nixed the walk. I turned around to walk back into the house and saw a bright red rainbow. At least red was the dominant color due to the sunset.

By the time I got to a more open area to take a picture of it the rainbow was more or less just a fairly bright red color. with not much of the other colors left. The very low sun had most of the other colors scattered away as the light went through the atmosphere. I don’t think I remember ever seeing a rainbow like this before so it was very cool to see it.

This is a picture of a rainbow that was bright but it's basically only red because it was at or just after sunset.

Red Rainbow

The other cool thing is it was finally a test for my Ambient weather lightning detector. I’ve had a couple of false positives and a couple of possible legit lightning bolts picked up from storms that missed us but today was the first that I actually saw the lightning with my own eyes.

It’s always pretty cool when it’s clear enough and dusky enough to be able to see a distant thunderstorm like we were able to tonight. It’s a nice bonus when you get to see some of the lightning bolts. It just tends to be so hazy around here when we do get thunderstorms in the summer that you usually don’t get to see that.