Thunderstorms Moved In From The Northeast

This has been an interesting week in weather. Maybe even a bit unusual. Tuesday and Wednesday we had thunderstorms in the area. They were moving from northeast to southwest. Don’t really see that all that often.

Right out our house on Tuesday we had one with some pretty nasty lightning. I think we were on the edge of it though. We had heavy rain for a half an hour then the rain let up. That was when the lightning started. I was on the front porch watching the bolts come down to the north before the storm passed by us.

Yesterday the storms missed us but did prompt a tornado warning for southern Lancaster county. Don’t know if one touched down but I did read that someone reported seeing a funnel cloud and that there were some trees down and power lines down.

This year hasn’t been as good as last year was for storms here but it hasn’t been bad either. Last year we just seemed to be in the right area for the worst of them often.

The storms did really cool it off nicely. After storms passed both days the temperature dropped into the 60’s That’s a lot nicer that mid to upper 80’s. Channel 8 said the tops reached 40 thousand feet yesterday afternoon. That would help bring the cooler air down too.