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Today I Learned Why You Need To Wait To Turn On A Refrigerator After Moving It

I have known since I was fairly young that you shouldn’t turn a fridge on after it’s been laying down since my parents bought from someone at my grandfather’s work that was moving. We took the old one we had in the kitchen down in the basement and put the new in the kitchen after they took it off the truck. It ran but never got cold. We learned from someone after that that you shouldn’t lay it down. Oops. For at least a couple of years after that anytime we needed something from the fridge we had to go down in the basement to get it.

I thought it was from the coolant moving away from the compressor. But from what I read today there is oil in the tubes with the coolant and it turns out that was what cause the problems if it runs into the tubes away from the compressor. It’s the oil which lubricates the compressor that can damage it if it is off in the tubes rather than in the compressor where it needs to be.

I don’t know if this still holds true or not. Technology might have changed and it’s just old left over information but the important thing to me is understanding why it at least was true back then. I’ve always been one that needs to understand how things work, why things work or break.