Today Turned Out Really Nice!

Today started out dreary like so many days this winter and spring have turned out but there was promise to maybe see some sunshine later. We went to the grocery store as soon as I got up and drank a cup of coffee and would you believe it? They actually had most of the stuff we needed! And the store wasn’t over flowing with people. Hopefully that is a sign that the excessive hoarding is dissipating. We found bread and rolls!

After we got home The sun was starting to burn through the clouds and I worked through my starting strength for the day. Although I was feeling extremely tired I did get through the squats at 235 which were feeling heavy as hell but my video said otherwise. That showed them being fast and explosive. The presses at 105 or still light. The deadlifts at 285 felt heavy and per the video on the last rep my hips were starting to rise first. I am not sure how I am going to deal with that next week. I just don’t know if it’s because I was tired or it was getting to heavy. Maybe I’ll reset to play it safe. I am happy to say I still haven’t needed hook grip or mixed grip yet and grip strength has always been a weak point for me.

Molly did this week’s vault WOD outside so I counted for her. That as a tough one to do and count when you have to do 50 reps of a complex. I did the running part of it with her.

After that it was time to just relax on the patio in the sun. By this time the sky had cleared except for a few isolated clouds with temperatures in the mid 60s I’d guess. With everything going on right now the best thing you can do is just take a chill pill and make the best of life and enjoy the good things.

Nothing beats half sleeping out in the sun on the chair collecting some vitamin D while it’s not too hot. Listening to the breeze and the birds and other sounds, enjoying the lower amount of traffic on the road just makes for a pleasant relaxing time. We got to have burgers on the grill and even got to enjoy eating them and the salad outside at the patio table. I think I may have picked up a little bit of sunburn today.

Ideally we would have enjoyed a nice hike today but we’re trying to do our part to keep this shit from spreading too fast. We’ve been doing that anyways but Governor Wolf expanded the shelter in place to include Lancaster county which in my opinion should’ve probably been done sooner but I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. If people would be smarter, maybe we could slow this but I’ve seen far to many jackasses that are incapable of understanding the concept of cause and effect to have much hope in that.