Today Was A Good Day In The Garage

Today was one of those nice days when your workouts go much better than you expect. I wish that happened more often, but it does happen every so often. Unfortunately, there are also the days when it turns into a just move day.

I chose to scale the normal programmed WOD for today because I don’t have double unders and really couldn’t give a fuck anymore if the rope is passing under my feet once or twice. I also decided that my best option for today was to scale the front-rank lunges to just normal unweighted ones, since I had other things that I wanted to do today. That, and the garage is just narrow enough I am uncomfortable the end of the bar might bump the wall or rower and throw me off. I still got a good workout in, and that’s why I do this. Thereafter, I knocked out 75 more burpees for March, bringing me up to 576.

A little while later we did a WOD together, an older sandbag version of one from before we started. Twelve minutes of sandbag hang power cleans, push press and back squats then 10 hop overs. I flew through the first part all unbroken, transitioning right into the movements. The hop overs were slow for me, but that’s more of a vision thing. I don’t have the spacial awareness to know where the bag is relating to me and my feet. I may get more comfortable with it in time, but it’s just not something I’m overly concerned with. I’m not getting worked up about things I can’t control anymore.

After that, I did another one that was only 25 sand bag hang power cleans, 20 front squats, 30 back squats, 20 more front squats and then 25 more hang power cleans. That was a leg burner for sure. I got through that in a little over 5 minutes. I don’t think I even dropped the sandbag until a little over halfway through the back squats.

All in all, it turned out to be a good day. I got stuff done and felt good about it afterwards.