Today Was Both A Good And A Bad Day In The Home Gym

First things first I woke up this morning not feeling all that well rested. I felt like I slept well and don’t remember waking up at all last night. I just felt like I didn’t sleep enough.

In spite of feeling tired and lazy today I did my lifting this morning and while I felt like my ass was dragging I got through everything. The back squats are starting to feel heavyish again as I’m up 240 pounds. The video showed them looking good but they felt slow. The strict presses at 122 pounds are in fact heavy for me. Presses are just that one lift that seem no matter what I do I just can’t get it to budge. other than my jump last year from around 135 to 155 for a max. The power cleans felt heavy at only 165 pounds today but they looked very explosive.

Fast forward few hours until Molly got home to help count for me to do today’s WOD. It looked like a fun one to do but a nightmare to try to count yourself. 60 clusters (full clean into a thruster) with the sand bag starting at 1 minute you were to do one burpee over the sandbag, increasing by one burpee each minute. I was thinking it would be a sprint type workout and I’d get through it in the six minute range. I can say I tried and failed hard on this WOD on this day

That didn’t happen. Right out the of the gate I really wasn’t feeling it. I was too hot and too tired. My legs were dragging ass from the lifts earlier today, which is pretty unusual for me. Normally I recover quickly and am able to do more. I guess it was 4 something in I walked away at 35 clusters done I just decided I am done with it. I will retry it another day and that’s just truly one of the greatest advantages of working out at home. Here I can do things on my schedule. for a lot of people that could be a bad thing but I am able to be one hundred percent honest with myself and be accountable to myself. We’ll see if that holds true when it’s 90 ℉ with a dew point in the upper 70s during the summer. The stepping away from the WOD certainty left me a little disappointed but I know they’ll be days when I’m just truly not feeling it. Thankfully it’s only a few times a year!

On a positive not to end the day in the good old mental health room of the house aka garage gym I remembered to fill my other sand bag filler bags since we’ve gotten rid of the sand that was in them. I put 25 pounds in each. We’ll 24.9 in one and 25.1 in the other but it’s close enough. I did it that way so I can easily switch as I wish to between the normal 50 pound load and 75 pounds which I intend to start attempting in WODS and 100 pounds to try to get stronger. I decided to give them a try, it’s been a few months since I’ve used more than the typical 50 pounds since the sand leaked out the last time on me. I kept it simple and just tested out clean and jerks. 75 felt great so I threw in the extra 25 pounds. That gave me the 103 pounds and while it felt heavy it was much more doable than last time. If I am remembering correctly a few months back I struggled to put the 100 pounds overhead and the form was pretty ugly.

Today it actually felt good. I won’t lie, it was a bit rough around the edges from the different shape and timing of a different odd object to lift. If I practice with the heavier weight it will become smooth muscle memory like 50 pounds. It’s just that it’s a different enough load to change things a tad. It actually looked pretty solid per the video I recorded with my phone for for check.

Using the camera on your phone or any other digital camera is one of the greatest tools you can use while working out without a coach as long as your honest with yours self and grasp the idea of how you should move but that’s a whole different subject for a different day.