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Today's Lifting Felt Okay Considering I didn't Sleep Enough

Last night was the last Eagles game of the season and given that I apparently have self hate I watched it. Last place bitches! I did fall asleep on the couch for a bit during the last quarter but still I didn’t sleep enough last night so I am feeling a bit sluggish. Hopefully they do more during the off season to fix their problems than they’ve done this year which is equivalent to putting a band-aid on a femoral artery that’s bleeding out.

At least today was a somewhat easy day for my lifts.

Starting off with back squats at a nice feel good weight of 225 pound. This is one of those weights that just doing the number makes me feel good mentally. I guess because it’s 4 plates. While I felt sluggish these felt really awesome today. I only did the programmed three sets of five with my tiredness and in the end decided to skip my weekly 20 rep squats which I was planning on starting back up.

Normally this weight is light enough that I could do the lighter 20 reps after I finish my sets but today I thought I’d pass on it even though I am lowering my weight for the 20 rep squats by about 30 pounds. I’ve not done them since COVID so I thought it’s a good idea to lower the weight some from the 205 I was set to do but I don’t feel like I need to go all the way back. I was thinking It’d start back up at 175 pounds on these.

Strict presses were up next. I did 112 pounds and it didn’t seem right in my head but I got through them. It wasn’t until after the fact that I realized that I had read the wrong date for these and was only supposed to do 110 today. Either way I got through them with no issues since it’s not really THAT heavy for me. A little more challenging today that it would be on a good well rested day but not hard and they looked and felt pretty good.

Finally, today was power clean day! I love this lift a lot and enjoyed doing them today. They felt a bit sloppy with my timing slightly discombobulated. They looked fine but just felt a little bit off. Luckily they were only at 155 pounds today so the light weight helped offset the slightly out of sync pulls I had.

The music choice for my lifting today was Control Denied.