Today's Strength Went Well But It Was Light So It Should Have

It was a nice change of pace from the past couple of weeks to say the least. Having failed bench press the last bench session and back squats last session too they were both lighter weights. I feel like it might be the best of timing too since we’re doing Crossfit totals and other maxes in a week or two to get current baselines.

The squats I did were at only 195 pounds today. Nice and light and fast. What a far cry from the 270 pounds on Monday which felt soul crushing in a way. I did them all no problem and did a couple of extra sets for good measures. It felt good to do a more relaxing day where I needed much less rest. As much as I love the heavy days they do run you down quite a bit.

Bench too, was a light 145 pounds. Like the squats I did extra sets since it was so light. They were pretty uneventful but again it was nice to do an easier day with these with minimal rest between sets required.

I was a bit hesitant to try the good mornings given that my glute / piriformis has been angry but the bar felt good and actually gave a nice stretch. I did the 80 pounds that I have been using and it felt good , again helping with a nice stretch of the whole posterior chain.

The pull ups were not so great but then I remember doing yesterday’s WOD with a decent amount of burpee pull ups. I had also fucked around with L pull ups and explosive strict chest to bar last night. I really don’t sweat the pull ups in the strength since I do plenty of them otherwise.

The music choice for today’s strength work was Nile’s newest album. Vile Nilotic Rites as a whole I think is really good. better than some of their more recent ones but not as good as 2000’s Black Seeds Of Vengeance. I may be partial to that one though given it was my first exposure to Nile when I picked it up because it looked cool. These songs really stood out for me: Seven Horns of War, That Which Is Forbidden, The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened and We Are Cursed. I really didn’t find anything on the CD to be boring or bad.

Later on I did the WOD. Finally I broke down and did another dumbbell version of one since we now have those available in our toolbox. I went lighter than I could have and it’s a good thing. I only used the 25 pound set of dumbbells for this WOD even though the RX would have been 40. I feel I could have gotten through it with the 40s albeit quite a bit slower. Between the rowing and the strict presses then push presses it was a shoulder burner. I just knew before even starting this particular WOD that I may not be able to cycle these movements as fast as the barbell version and I was correct. It won’t take long to get that down but I just need to have reasonable expectations for times until I get that hammered down. It’s nice to have options available.

The music choice for the WOD was Archspire. So.. fast..