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Took My Lifting For The Day A Little Slower Again Today

I slept surprising good last night. The air conditioner tends to annoy me, but not having it on would have been worse. Once again, it’s another very humid night. We had thunderstorms again last evening with more very heavy rain, the heat, and humidity will cause that. More humidity equals more water in the atmosphere to form rain. While the storms did cool it off a good bit, they only help increase the humidity. It was strange feeling, the burst of heat at the time as we went for our evening walk, though.

I started off the day with front squats. These felt great at 205 pounds, except for the fact that I was pouring sweat. The sweat was even with the air conditioner on. The air certainly helps, but I think the heat and humidity is just a bit too much for it. The squats felt good enough and looked good enough that I bumped it up to five sets of five of them. I easily got through them, but it’s a fairly light weight for me to be front squatting, so it shouldn’t have been too difficult.

After I was done with my front squats for the day, I moved on to the bench press. These too felt pretty good for my three sets of five at 160 pounds. My arm is definitely less pissy than it had been, but it’s still somewhat inflamed. It’s slowly feeling better, and the bench is slowly feeling better because of that.

Finally, for my strength today, the last exercise I did was my good morning’s at 115 pounds. The three sets of ten of these felt great today. It felt good to do these again after passing on them last time they’d come up in my strength. I believe they help me quite a bit with posterior chain activation at the very least.

Later on, some time in the afternoon I went ahead and did a WOD. Not being too keen on the idea for today’s WOD right now, I searched through the older street parking WODs to find one that looked interesting. That’s another win for working out at home rather than in a gym, in a gym I’d have no other choice other than to do the WOD that’s programmed for today. Here I can choose when that is and what I want to do. The WOD was 3 rounds of 40 sandbag front squats and 20 ring dips in my case. That burned a lot. I really neglect to do ring dips or any even dips with the matador here for whatever reason. It felt good to do them again. Surprisingly, the front squats really burned, even though they were only using a 50 pound sandbag. Maybe the heat and humidity was a factor. I certainly felt overheated.

Music for today’s strength and WOD was Crowbar.