Tried A New Movement To Me

One of the things I enjoy about doing the street WODS is once in a while they throw in a different movement. A while back it was knee jumps which I had actually done once in a while on my own but it was cool seeing how many people found out they can do a new thing that they thought they couldn’t do.

Anyways Today’s WOD included seated box jumps. I’ve always wanted to try them but was overwhelmed by the visual aspect of it. With only one eye that can see a little and the other that’s just light and dark spots I have absolute shit for depth perception. We at this point don’t have a box at home so jumping usually means stacked plates which is a smaller target than the boxes and less contrast compared to the floor (the colored plates tend to slide if they’re on top.. I’ve tried them.) When I get tired my feet tend to go a bit wider and being in the garage here I don’t have the space to roll out of it if I miss a box jumping. In at the old gym I did that twice when I nearly went over the box.

I only used a 12 inch stack of plates and it was very easy to do. I just don’t trust higher plate stacks. Maybe someday I’ll get over my overly cautious outlook on jumping but I’m really doing this to e healthier not get injured, especially one that could be prevented by knowing what I can and cannot control. I can get better cardio, get stronger, faster and healthier but I cannot control my cloudy corneas no matter how much I’d give to do that.