Tried A New Place For Supper

Supper that we’d planned on having tonight wasn’t working out today so we decided to try something from the new Time 2 Eat place that just opened a week or so ago.

I got a cheese steak. That’s my test of a new place to see what they call a cheese steak. The one I got today was just an amazing cheese steak. One of the best I’ve had here in Lancaster county. Most cheese steaks I’ve had since moving here haven’t been that good or just to different.

One of the things about being near a big city like where I grew up is the fact that there copious food options including small places like this. I guess that could be one positive at least for now with the massive over development going on in the Mount Joy Area.

I look forward to trying out some of Time 2 Eat’s other stuff in time. It’s just the kind of food place Mount Joy has needed for a long time now.