I was looking for an old file and I discovered my old pre WordPress backup of this site from the 2005 or 2006 time frame. I liked that color scheme much better than the normal ones you see. After all it’s my site so it should be to my preference.

back then I used frames with a menu on the left side but that doesn’t make sense any more so I put the menu on top. I kept mostly the same colors from my old mess style sheet but made or am in the process of making them work with the current layout and more complex style sheets that are left over from the hugo dusk theme. I’ve made quite a few changes to that over the past couple of years as I saw fit to my liking. I always intended to make the time to understand Wordpress themes but never got around to it. Wordpress was nice in that it just worked but Hugo is a better tool for my needs with fewer dependencies. Since switching to Hugo it’s been making a lot more sense to me. Sure there’s been a learning curb, especially with the go templates but I’m getting there now with understanding it and having to do less googling to figure out how to change something.

In the past few weeks I converted my CSS over to SASS and let hugo convert it for me. The tabs are much easier on my eyes to see the way the classes are set up than the curly brackets and semicolons are. Syntax highlighting really helped with that but it’s still too easy for me to not notice that my fat fingers hit { instead of } . It’s also not easy to see the misplaced semicolon that fucks up the style sheet Sass solves that for me. The built in debugging is helpful too. If I make an error it refuses to convert the CSS.

I’m pretty happy with the colors and layout now. I’m sure it would make a designer cringe but to me it’s usable. Remember designers brought us things like flat design where you can’t tell what something is supposed to be and endless scroll. Makes me wonder now what the next design fad will be on the interwebs. I’m in the process of makign it my own instead of just another cookie cutter setup. There’s nothing wrong with cookie cutter sites other than the fact that they’re boring.

i have really been enjoying tinkering with things again after letting it sit fairly stagnant for a long time. It’s really the way that I learn to do things. I can read all I want but doing is what really sets ideas into my brain. Experimenting is just fun to me. In addition to this site being a place to put my thoughts and things I like it’s also sort of a playground for me.