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Twelve Days Of Christmas WOD Was Tough Today

Today being Christmas even Street Parking had programmed a twelve days of Christmas WOD. I originally wasn’t going to do it but I knew Molly wanted to do it so I did the WOD with her.

It was one of the longest WODs I’ve done really for multiple reasons. We did the dumbbell version of the WOD given it took up the least amount of space enabling us to workout together which is always fun!

There wasn’t really a lot of flow between the movements in a majority of the workout for me so I had to keep stopping to look at the white board. This slowed me down quite a bit at times but it is what it is. With me being visually impaired like I am every time I had to stop and glance at the white board that meant put down the dumbbells, walk over to the box and pick up my telescope to look. It worked out and I got a good but much longer WOD in than I’m used to but it’s good to do that sometimes.

The other thing that really slowed me down is many of the dumbbell movements really aren’t muscle memory for me yet. For example with the dumbbell deadlifts I have to consciously remind myself not to smash my feet with the weights. I’m used to narrow grip with deadlifts and my feet tend to turn out a decent amount. That’s really just a matter of not having thousands of reps of practice in that particular movement. The hardest and slowest part was the twelve burpee dumbbell step ups. By that time I was pouring sweat and couldn’t really see. Do to the somewhat tight space we have in our garage too I had to do the burpee facing parallel to the box and then walk turning around and line up with the box and step up while not falling on my face in my sweat puddle.

On the plus side I was able to move through the devil presses quickly and the push presses, thrusters and clean and jerks were pretty quick. The dumbbell power snatches were the easiest part but those I picked up from the first day I tried them for one of the Crossfit open WODs a few years back when we still went into the gym.

Music that we listened to for this WOD was streaming some Christmas metal music from Amazon