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Twenty Rep Squats And Deadlifts Were Tough Today

Finally I slept straight through the night. I didn’t have that wake up after an hour of sleep and lay there awake like I have been having. I woke up early and enjoyed my coffee before Brooke got here.

I played a couple of games with here then she watched TV. She wanted to play the games that I just can’t see and I wasn’t into that today. She asked why but wasn’t understanding that I have poor vision I think.

It was a cold and windy morning at the bus stop for this time of the year. The sun felt good though. When I got home from taking her to the bus I ate some oatmeal and relaxed a few minutes.

I got changed then and headed out into the garage to see how my lifts were going to feel today. I wanted to at least try them out but I was okay with walking away if I wasn’t feeling it. My legs are just feeling tired. It was chilly out there too with no sun and the wind since it can be a bit drafty.

First thing I went ahead and attempted was my twenty rep squats for this week. At the 230 pounds I had for today they’re getting up there in weight so if I’m not feeling it in the warm up sets I’ll try a different day. The warm ups though, today, felt pretty good. Slower and heavier than they should have but they felt solid. The working weight, I’m not going to lie felt fucking heavy on my back. I knew that was just mental so I went ahead and attempted it. I took my time working through them treating each one as a heavy single. I did end up making it through my set of twenty back squats taking an extra breath or two between each one and being extra cautious about really setting up the squats.

I can’t say that they felt great because they were hard but they did feel good. From the video they looked easy and damn near perfect for every single rep. I was surprised and impressed with how they looked.

After walking around the house a few minutes on weak and rubbery legs got set up to do the deadlift program too. Like the squats the deadlifts felt heavier and slower than they should have for the warm up. The first two working weight sets at 225 pounds for sets of five felt good but tough. I allowed plenty of rest between the sets and then moved on to the three triples at 255 pounds. The first set at the 255 felt great. The next two felt like my legs wanted to fail me. They tried all they could to refuse to make the lifts but in the end I made them and they looked really good to boot. My legs have felt truly dead since.

Music today was Atheist.