Twenty Rep Squats Getting Up There But Still Feeling Good

I did my twenty rep squats today. The weight is starting to get up there now at 230 pounds but they’re still feeling great. The first time around this weight seemed like it would be impossible but as I am getting used to the higher rep stuff it’s feeling a lot better.

My heart rate got up there today but in spite of that I did finish my set of twenty back squats with no issues. I even was interrupted by a cough right after the 17th rep so I had to stand there and hold the bar longer to see if it was just going to be that one cough from the dry air or more.

I really have grown to enjoy the mental aspect of these twenty rep squats each week. My body is begging me to stop but my brain is forcing it to keep going. I feel like it’s really a great way to build mental fortitude. My legs are getting bigger and stronger too so that’s enough of a reason to do them in itself but I really like the mental toughness aspect of doing them. I’ve really come to look forward to twenty rep squat day when I used to hate high rep stuff.

I also did street parking’s once a week deadlift program today since deadlifts are not anywhere near where they really should be for me. An extra day of work on them should only benefit me and do no harm but time will tell. I just began these recently so the weight’s still fairly low. I did my two sets of five at only 190 pounds and my triples at 225 pounds. They felt a little tougher than they should have but they weren’t a problem in anyway.

It was a good day for sure. I ended up not doing a WOD because I lost track of time or maybe I was just being too lazy to do one. It’s okay because I did two yesterday. My body said rest after the deadlifts and I just really never felt recovered enough to do the WOD.

Music today was Acid Bath.