Twenty Rep Squats Then A Walk Around Town, Picking Up A Couple Of Geocaches

Finally I had a pretty decent night’s sleep last night. I’ve been sleeping well but just not long enough. Once I woke up and had some coffee I suggested we go for breakfast. We went to Lyndon Diner for breakfast and it was good.

We used to go get breakfast when she had off work like this week but then during COVID stopped for a while. In that time we “lost” our normal nearby place because they stayed open to defy the governor’s order. It’s not so much for me that they stayed open but the fact that they made a spectacle of themselves in doing so. That political stunt lost them my business.

We came home and I finished my coffee from here and went out and cleaned we cleaned up the leaves and sticks that have fallen from the neighbors trees and ran that stuff to the compost site.

I got changed and headed out to the garage to do this week’s twenty rep squats. I quickly worked my way through some warm up sets and was feeling pretty good. I had to do a light 200 pounds so I figured that the squats wouldn’t be much more some cardio. I went through my working set at 200 pounds and made it through them easily enough but I expected that.

When I was done I through my pants on over my workout leggings and we went for a walk. The sun had come out while I was in the garage so we were hoping to get some of it. We went for a bit of a longer one today at a bout 2¼ because we planned on grabbing a couple of caches in town. The first one was the one at the library that we forgot was there last time we drove there. Today they were closed so we just walked over and grabbed that geocache. There was also one at the firehouse which we’ve been walking past nearly every day but never remembered to bring a pen. Funny thing is there was a pen next to the container in the light pole.

It’s been nice waking during the day and getting to enjoy the leaves on the trees that have changed color. It’s past the peak now but it’s still been nice to see them. There was more color than I remember having around here in a long time. It’s still that mostly dull color and not the really bright vibrate color I grew up with but it’s been nicer than in the past.

I was going to do a WOD after got home but ended up getting too lazy to do that so I figured I’d just watch the Eagles game. It was a good game. A fun one to watch. Not only was it fun to watch because the Eagles won but the fact that they’re continuing with running the ball was good. I enjoyed some gentleman jack while watching it and that made it even better!