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Two Attempts And Two No Goes In The Garage Gym Today

Today was a busy day for us. Grocery store pretty early in the morning this morning which was thankfully pretty empty. Even though there weren’t many people in there the few that were managed to just be in the way. The other thing is between the ten thousand displays in every isle and the workers just sitting the big carts full of stuff around half the isles are partially blocked. We just wanted to get in and out. Stauffers can’t open soon enough!

A bit later we went to old navy for my girlfriend’s gift card. She’d said she felt rushed if I wait in the car so I went in with her. That was terrible. That place attracts the worst of people with herds of screeching kids. They were running around like it’s a fucking playground.

After we got home I ate something and decided to at least give this week’s twenty rep squats a try even though I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t even feeling it in the warm up sets but I tried to push through it anyways given that they looked just about perfect.

The working set didn’t feel that heavy at all surprisingly but I did feel like I was loading my knee wrong. I ended up aborting the set after the eight rep. I really just wasn’t feeling like it was improving. Molly said they looked great and the recording showed that too so I’m not really sure what my issue was. I did do relatively heavy deadlifts yesterday then the hundred thruster WOD with deadlifts with dumbbells ever minute on the minute yesterday so maybe my hamstrings are just angry.

I’m not mad about it because the weight certainly looked and felt doable, just not for today. I’ll most likely give it another try tomorrow or Monday. I don’t want to play with the fire of tough sets of twenty when I’m not feeling good about it for now.

I also decided to give last week’s sandbag WOD a try. I’ve been wanting to try it since I got my sandbag fixed but it just hasn’t happened.

The hop overs were terrible today but I got through the first set. The bear hug squats weren’t much better for several reason. Evidently I failed to take into account just how dead my legs were from yesterday. I was also highly distracted by the fact that I managed to wear the one pair of leggings I have that were ripped when I got them. I thought I’d thrown them out but apparently I did not. The company had sent me a new pair but me being me and cheap I guess I’d kept them just in case. Just feeling it hearing it was just too much of a distraction for me. I took them off but just didn’t feel as comfortable in just my compression shorts.

Oh well, their will be days like this. At least we got to enjoy a nice walk in the evening while the sun was still shining!