Two WODS With 75 Pound Sandbag Now

I’ve really enjoyed using the sandbag in WODS when it’s an option. I feel it’s very close to real life situations. Either way I’ve been using just the 50 pound filler in our brute for sand bag to practice with it and get used to it.

This week I’ve done two WODS with both the 50 and 25 pound fillers and honestly it still felt pretty light to me. Of course it’s more draining than the 50 pounds but certainly a usable weight. I don’t know about over head stuff. I played with some overhead stuff and it felt okay but I am not sure about using it in a WOD setting.

I’ll have to give it a try some time soon. You don’t know until you try sometimes and that’s one of the things I didn’t do enough of at the old box. Worst case scenario would be to fail and have to redo it with just the 50 pound filler. Best case is a little more confidence. Sort of like the jump overs.