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Unplanned, Unexpected Couple Of Days Break From Working Out But Back At It now

Sometimes life throws the unexpected at you and the only thing you can really do is take it for what it is and goes with the flow. I’ve had a good run consistently working out basically daily and was felling wonderful about it.

Last week our lights started flickering, but then it went away. We figured it had something to do with the transformer that blew nearby over the weekend. Two days later it came back but worse, so we had the power company out. He didn’t find anything on their end, but saw the lights and said it was probably a loose neutral. He replaced our connection since it was an old style they no longer used while he was here.

That didn’t resolve the problem, so we had an electrician out the next day. Told him what was happening, and he took one look at the breaker box and said when he turns off the power and pulls the main breaker off, it’s going to be burned. Sure enough it was and fell a part when he removed it. He said we would have eventually lost power to half the house and that the panel needs to be replaced and that they don’t make that style anymore because it was bad design. Put a new breaker in and it was fine. The next day, he replaced the burned panel.

Basically, all of this lead to sleepless nights so lifting/workout wouldn’t have been smart to do, plus Friday the electric was off most of the day, so I didn’t have good lighting in the garage.

I did part of Friday’s lifting on Saturday. Only one day behind isn’t too bad, I guess. Heavy squats at 245. They felt really, really heavy. I don’t think I was mentally recovered or caught up on sleep yet yesterday. I got through them and they looked good. Did I mention it was fucking humid as hell? I failed the bench press at 185, but it’s all good. I realized after the fact I was only supposed to do 180 pounds, so I am just going to revert to that next time.

Today I did Street Parking’s final vault WOD. I did them all but don’t know if they’ll allow one of my results for the shirt since Wodify being the steaming pile of shit that it is ate one of my results.

The WOD itself was 10 sandbag burpees, 20 air squats. And 30 hop overs. 25 minute AMRAP. That sucked in today’s heat and humidity, for sure. I came in just under the goal time. But the hop overs are slow for me with my vision. I tend to trip over the sandbag, having poor spacial awareness and depth perception. I’m done, I did it, and I am happy with my realistic for me time.

Fight the things you can beat, but don’t sweat the things you can’t really control.