Upgraded to Pixel 2 XL

My note 5 seemed to be acting up a bit. It seemed like the battery life had gotten inconsistent and I’d rather have something that works OK as a backup so I started looking around Swappa. Why would anyone buy a brand new phone?

I decided to go with the pixel 2 XL because of the screen size and lack up a thousand unremovable apps like the Samsung had. I don’t want Facebook and all that other shit taking up space when I’m never going to use it. I like the fact that google provides and monthly security updates too. All companies should do this and it really should be required that they provide them for a reasonable amount of time. Think about all the stuff that could be compromised using the security bugs in the android system itself not to mention all the extra crap ware that other manufacturers pre install. Listen up Samsung. I don’t need or want Samsung versions of every app on the phone.

The year plus of Warranty I have is nice piece of mind. Google made that pretty easy to transfer since the previous owner gave me his order number and transferred it to me. Took me a couple of minutes on chat with google to get that taken care of.

I like that it’s water resistant. Of course I don’t want to take it in the water even though it appears I could if I wanted to but it’s nice piece of mind if we get caught in the rain in the woods while geocaching or something like that. I could keep it out to record or dolphin watch in cape may even though I was getting splashed without worrying about it getting ruined.

The battery life has been better than I expected. I typically only have to charge it every other day unless I’m using it more than usual. This really should be a standard feature on phones!

The camera is excellent. Better than the note 5’s was for sure. It works great in lower light too. I’ve actually used it to view signs in dark stores and such. It’s nice to use it to look at for example Special’s lists in restaurant.

One of the neat and useful features that it has that I really like is the ability to squeeze the sides and it listens to you to google stuff or call someone or whatever. It can also identify a song that it hears.