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I Used To Want To Buy The Latest And Greatest, Now I Usually Don't Care

It’s funny how things change sometimes. I used to always be wishing I could walk into Best Buy, well Circuit City at the time and just be able to buy a bunch of different electronics. There was never a time when I would pass an opportunity to walk into one of those stores just to window shop and dream about what I would buy if I could.

Now on the rare occasion that we do have to head into one of those types of stores I joke with my girlfriend to buy me something. She asks what I want and I say nothing. It’s not even a lie when I do say I don’t want anything. There’s just not anything that I can think of that I want. I could walk in there with $10,000 that I have to spend and probably wouldn’t be able to find anything I wanted and let the money go to waste.

The same thing goes for Newegg. Years ago I always had a wish list of things I wanted to order from there but couldn’t. These days I can’t even think of anything to order from them. On the rare occasion that I do order a small item I like to try to order a few things to at least offset the shipping a little bit. It just seems so silly to order a single micro SD card or something small like that where it’s more packaging waste than the product itself.