Very Nice Walk Northwest River Trail At Chickies

We got a message about someone not finding one of our caches. It sounded like the hiding spot could have possibly changed. We’ve had a good bit of wind so we thought maybe the tree had fallen. Why not take advantage of the decent February weather and go for a walk out there on the NW River Trail and check things out.

The cache was fine. The weather was pretty nice too. When I got out of the car at the parking lot I decided to leave my jacket in the car. It wasn’t warm by any means but it was warm enough I thought the jacket would be too hot once we were moving and I was probably right. At first when we were approaching Chickie’s Rock I was thinking it was a mistake to leave my jacket behind but thought it was only the wind funneling between the hills making it stronger.

Once we went around the corner it was mostly calm, at least at our level. You could hear the wind up in the trees up the hill and it was a relaxing sound but it wasn’t really blowing down at our level. I guess the hill’s high enough and steep enough that we were in a sort of leeward dead spot wind wise.

We saw climbers today at the cliff. We haven’t seen anyone climbing at all the past several times we’ve walked past there. I was starting to wonder if the county parks had banned it. It was strange not seeing anyone climbing the past few times because in the past no matter when we went past here we’d see groups of rock climbers.

There were lots of people out on the trail as usual. The bikers didn’t seem as self centered today as they are sometimes. Lots of dogs walking too.

On our way back from the cache site the sun started coming out through the clouds a bit and that felt pretty good. It wasn’t fully out but maybe fifty percent out or so through the thinning clouds which became translucent. That really made it feel warmer out in the windless valley.