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Vonage Versus Verizon

I’ve been using Vonage since December 2002 and have been happy with it. I’ve never had a problem with it. This was the perfect solution for me because I could have a phone number for the Philly area where my family lives so they could call me local and it was cheap for me. I’m worried I’ll have to look for another option soon. Verizon claims that Vonage uses their patented ideas.

I don’t miss the high bills I used to get from Verizon when I had a landline in Philly when I lived there. Especially not when we moved and I had to wait two weeks to get my phone line changed. It took them three visits to finally get it working because of bad lines. They still charged me for a full month of service even though I had no phone most of the month.

Hopefully this doesn’t kill Vonage. I’ve gotten used to their service. It has always just worked for me. When we moved to this house the land line didn’t work. It was all static and we had to wait for the phone company to fix it. Vonage worked as soon as the cable was hooked up. Hopefully they stick around so I don’t have to look for something else.