Wanting To Return To Wind Cave Near Pequea

Lately I’ve been thinking I want to hike back out to Wind cave and see what’s changed since we were last there for geocaching and a CITO. I had read of it before geocaching but we never got there until the cache was there. Actually I’ve been wanting to go back there since last summer but with all of last year’s rain we never made it.

Wind Cave is not like the caves most people imagine with stalagmites and stalactites, it’s a tectonic cave which means it’s not formed by water dissolving rocks, instead it’s caused by faults. Basically it’s widened cracks. It’s actually one of the largest tectonic caves in the eastern US.

It’s always cold in there in the summer and there’s always wetness. Don’t wear clothes you want to keep nice because they’ll get muddy from crawling over and under blocks.

There are rooms in the cave and places that I didn’t explore before because I was too fat or not strong enough. It really is an interesting place to explore. It’s lots of fun to go over and under the blocks. Every time I’ve been in there I’ve found something I didn’t remember from the last time. It’s easy to loose track of time in there while having a blast exploring only to come out a few hours later. Finally I’ve found a copy of the map that was made of the cave so that would make it more fun to explore.

I suspect that in the one room there was an area you can go down under the rocks into. Well I don’t know if I or anyone else for that matter could fit through the hole but I got the impression that there was a hole that you couldn’t really see.

Even if you’re too claustrophobic to enter the cave the Conestoga Trail is a great hike in that area. Lots of outstanding views of the river along the way and If you continue the hike south from Wind Cave You get to House Rock. It’s a very large rock overlooking the Susquehanna river. One time when approaching it we saw a bald eagle soaring p from below as it was going along the edge of the river. That was the first time I’ve seen a bald eagle myself in nature because I happened to be looking at the right spot at the right time with binoculars.