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Warm Enough To Do A Partner WOD Outside

This entire week has been a mild one with multiple days when it made it into the sixties for the high then the fifties on the other days. Today wasn’t one of those days, but it was still mild by January standards. The temperature was in the mid-forties this morning when I did my strict presses. I wondered what to do for a WOD to do, then thought maybe tomorrow’s WOD would be fun to do the partner version outside.

My presses for the day went surprisingly well. I ended up making six reps and a hundred and twenty-five pounds. That’s not bad at all, and I’ll take it, considering I wasn’t feeling them at all this morning. My arms and shoulders just felt tired.

After I finished with my presses, I asked Molly if she wanted to do the partner version of the WOD with me. She wanted to, so I waited for her to get changed and ready, then we headed outside to get it done.

It was a pretty simple but fun WOD for me. It was one partner does a round and the other rests, then we switch. The WOD was run, then fifteen clean and jerks, then run again. I went with the fifty pound sandbag to go for speed and fast cycling today. Besides, I thought it might be a little safer to fail if my shoes got slippery and muddy from going down through the wet grass and dirt from this morning’s rain. T urns out that it wasn’t really a problem. I did do very fast cycling with my sandbag, so that was a good thing.

I ended up completing my working rounds in the lower end of the goal time, which isn’t what I was expecting to do. I just wasn’t really feeling it this morning. I did have two issues with the sand bag. The one was when I stepped backwards off the patio as I slowly hopped backwards. Whoops. The other was when I caught my chin with the sandbag on the way down.

Unfortunately by the time we got outside the cumulus clouds were forming, so there wasn’t as much sun as we’d hoped, but it did come out at times. The fresh air was nice. It was a bit breezy and my hands were feeling icy cold from the sweat evaporating, but not as bad as some other times. It was great to get another partner WOD in.