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Wasn't Really Feeling It But My Lifting Went Really Well This Morning

I woke up this morning feeling a bit tired. We were up a bit later than we usually are again last night watching another movie. I just happened to remember that before COVID we’d talked about going to the theater to see Glass. I don’t really remember the reasoning but for some reason we ended up not going to the movies to see it last winter. We found a way to stream it last night and it really turned out to be an excellent movie. I thought it was definitely better than Split, that movie seemed like it was missing something.

Anyways on to today. I wasn’t really feeling it at all and procrastinated a little bit getting started on my lifting. I just was tired and lazy this morning but that’s allowed some days. My neck has been pretty sore from sleeping weird or something or maybe I was twisted weirdly while watching the movie last night.

I started out with the back squats of which the warm up sets really felt great. The working sets of these were at 210 pounds for today and I got through the three sets plus two extra I chose to do with ease. I took only a little less than 2 minutes of rest between the sets and didn’t really fuck around that much with breathing between reps like i have slowly gotten into the habit of doing. They were light but still they looked and felt excellent! It really is always a great day when I can perform my favorite lift of them all!

After the squats I had to do three sets of five strict press at 105 pounds. These were pretty light but my shoulders are toast from yesterday’s shoulder intensive sandbag WOD. They looked and felt pretty good. I didn’t do any extra sets of them though today.

Finally I had my five sets of three power cleans at 150 pounds. The weight for the power cleans is decently light but I was really moving well with them.

At some point I’ve managed to lose my habit of cutting the pull short and making contact with the bar just above my knees. If I had to take a guess as to what’s helped me overcome that problem I think it really is just wearing my leggings while lifting rather than shorts that or too loose and too long.

Plus as I like to do on the power clean day is to strict press the last rep of each set if the weight permits me to do so. I feel like this has helped me build more confidence with heavier strict presses than anything else that I’ve done. I was able to pretty easily strict press the last rep of all five sets so that is something I was thrilled with to say the least, after all it is just 10 pounds shy of my one rep max for the presses.

Music today was Pearl Jam.