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Watching The Tractors Fly Down The Road

Last night we got to enjoy the two tractors going back and forth through our town and our residential street. They were massive tractors, just towing huge trailers back and forth. No problem really given there are plenty of farms in the area, well, at least until they’re developed too.

The bad thing is they were speeding up and down our street, disobeying any traffic rules including barely slowing down to go around the corner at the blind stop sign. This continued for hours until one nearly hit a car that was driving over the bridge. I heard and saw the car have to slam on their brakes. Thereafter, the tractors at least slowed down. The thing is they were only hauling what, I believe, was shit. It’s not like they were moving equipment between farms.

I don’t understand why they don’t need to use road legal vehicles to haul shit back and forth like that. I could understand a once in a while thing like moving equipment between farms or something but just hauling? I also certainly don’t understand why they think that the normal rules of public roads simply do not apply to them. Hell, maybe if the police did anything out in the neighborhoods they’d know it’s an issue, but you never see a cop car anyplace unless it’s an “event” or they were called.

I guess the dozens of flashing lights on the tractors make them think they’re special and rules don’t apply to them. I guess they’re no different that half the people on this road in the grand scheme of things. I see cars, trucks, bikes, and even a forklift just cruise through the stop sign and hear the brakes every once in a while.