We Did Our Normal Grocery Shopping Today

I’m kinda surprised and pretty disappointed that people are overreacting to the whole coronavirus thing here. It is a real thing and could be a problem and all that stuff but it’s certainly not productive nor does it even make any sense at all to buy all the shit at the grocery store. There will be no shortage of shit paper other than the self feeding paranoia of people seeing the empty shelves.

You don’t need to buy a cart full of water either. We get perfectly fine water delivered to our houses in a virtually unlimited supply. People don’t need to panic and hoard. Just be smart. Don’t go out if you’re sick but that’s something that should be avoided weather there’s a new virus or not.

There is no need to hoard stuff though and there’s no point in being rude to other people that are at the grocery store. If they were in line before you that means they were first. Be nice to people. but when the lines are half way back the aisles FFS don’t let your kid push those stupid toy carts around or run around. The grocery store isn’t a playground.

Don’t overreact about the things that you can’t control.