We Have Been Going For A Walk After Supper And It's Been Feeling Great

We have been going for a nice quick and short walk around the neighborhood after supper recently and it’s been feeling pretty good to do so. We haven’t been going far or anything like that. Just a nice mile or so through town in the evening and its been I think really good for us after eating.

We’re not doing it for exercise like most people do. It’s been more for some fresh air and a little movement than anything else. It certainly is better than sitting on your ass in front of the TV all day letting your brain and body go to waste. Not that there’s anything wrong with watching TV but one’s life shouldn’t revolve around it like so many people’s do. Same with video games. I like gaming but I like being active more. Our exercise comes from WODs. The walk is just a nice thing to do to get a little more movement in and more importantly get some nice fresh outside air.

For me this is just a perfect example of how you can do the little things that improve your life. It’s been putting us in a better mood in time for bed and just a great way to enjoy some fresh air with limited time. Life is what you make of it. You can take the time to do the little things or focus on big things that never seem to work out. Our walks have been taking about twenty minutes but we’ve been feeling great afterwards. It’s not been for any other reason other than trying to get outside to enjoy some of the nicer weather after being inside all winter.