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We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Drug Commercials

I don’t really watch that much TV. I watch a few shows with Molly and sports. Football every week is my most regular television watching, I think. Of course this year I watched the World Series. I was somewhat caught off guard at just how many political commercials there were. That was the subject of what seemed like ninety percent of the ads.

Very few of them even said anything about how the candidate was the right choice to vote for. No, it was mostly about how the other guy was the wrong choice. As with most ads, I mostly tuned them out. At times, I paid attention just for entertainment purposes. My decision has been made for quite a while, and TV ads or ads in general were never going to influence it.

As much as I think that not enough people vote and feel everyone should get out there and make their voice heard, it’s hard to me to accept those that are based on ads with 3 second soundbites. It should be a thought out decision. What can you do, though? Only a small percentage of the eligible population votes as it is, and the normal attention span is so short these days.