We Started Walking First Thing In The Morning

It’s really not a secret that we’ve been enjoying our evening walks. It’s a good way to wind down after eating supper and get some fresh air.

This week we started walking first thing in the morning before my girlfriend goes to work. Walking in the morning is something that we’ve talked about but we just haven’t done it until Sunday when we had to walk over to feed the grand kids’ guinea pigs. It’s close enough and parking there is bad enough that it was just easier to just walk over than it would have been to drive. Hell we’ve been leaving before I’ve even had a chance to drink any coffee since I’ve been taking my Levothyroxine in the morning lately. I haven’t been waking up at night much recently to take it in the middle of the night.

They say that you should ideally take the Levothyroxine on an empty stomach or at the very least do it consistently. I wait after taking it to drink my coffee so it’s not a problem for me. The coffee is still there a half an hour later.

With us walking in the morning I am thinking I almost prefer to do it five in the morning. It’s just so quiet out side. There’s very few cars with their annoyingly blinding super bright white headlights that are aimed too high. The other night one left me seeing spots for a good hour.

It’s pretty cool that we’ve seen a couple of other people out walking early in the morning too.

I’ve found it to be an excellent way to start the day off right. I am and have been finding for a while now that the more movement I can get in during the day the better I feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s WODs or lifting or just walking (or ideally a nice hike) makes me feel so much better. I also do love doing a variety of things.