We Went To Extremities In Lebanon

It’s been a while since we visited Extremities in Lebanon but it’s always great to browse through their CDs and pick up a few. They have a great metal section. Yes Metal! We used to visit more often when it was still keystone and on this side of Lebanon but it’s not bad to get to. I think we need to go there then geocache out along 422.

You don’t see that too often. Ended up picking up a Delain, Nightwish, Ayreon and Epcia CDs. I didn’t pick up any death metal though! I was thinking I’ll get stuff both Molly and I would like for a change.

As I was paying Molly noticed the artwork on a CD and the guy said they’re a local band. It was cheap so I grabbed it. It’s Evolution by Fatal Aggression. I really like it a lot. It sounds like pissed off crunchy thrash straight out of the 80s. I wouldn’t mind seeing them play live! I’m glad she noticed it. Gotta check out his local section a little bit better next time we visit the store!