We Went To See The Great Horned Owl In A Nearby Park

I’ve seen pictures of the nest in the past online, but we just didn’t get over to the park those years. Today After supper the sun came out, so I suggested Molly take her camera over and practice with it.

Sure enough, she was in the nest. Today was the first time I have ever actually seen an owl in the wild. I’ve rarely heard one growing up when we went to the mountains but never actually saw one. It was really cool for me to be able to see with the very high zoom on the camera. It wasn’t perfect, but I saw it sitting in the hole with its eyes staring, just like you always see in pictures.

I’ve always loved nature and animals. My vision just is often times not beneficial to the enjoyment of seeing the animals. Hopefully, we can see some baby owls in the nest some time soon! That would be another first for me.