Today was one of those days in the Garage gym that seem to be destined to be complete failures with everything going wrong that could but at least in this case it worked out okay all things considered. I did manage to complete two WODS today.

The first one was just back squats and running 400 meters. As I would expect the business along the alley once again decided that a truck with a trailer needed to stop and sit in the road blocking most of it. There was no way to see around it and I couldn’t hear too much in the area since one of the houses had a pressure washer going and the business had a tractor trailer in their parking lot idling. Running on the front sidewalk wasn’t really an option either as the one neighbor was having work done to their house and the people dong the work decided the majority of the sidewalk is there storage/workshop. Annoying but at least that was only temporary, the business behind us makes a habit of it.

I did manage to do okay on the WOD considering I had to slow down near the parked truck not to mention dodge the tree roots and holes in the yard on the way to the alley. I didn’t feel like it was a great idea to bring the bar to the back yard since my ankle is a little achy. I thought it wouldn’t be ideal to squat on potentially uneven ground especially since I have heavy deadlifts to do tomorrow. I got through the 15 reps of light back squats in 20 to 30 seconds.

Running for me personally will always suck do to my poor vision. The low vision really is a hindrance to me during the act of running. It is what it is. I’ve learned accept it for what it is. I can still get a good workout in but running WODS will never be ones that I can kill.

That was late this morning that I did that.

I decided this evening that I would give this week’s sandbag WOD a go. I wasn’t too sure how that one would workout for me. 5 rounds of 15 ground to overhead. No problem. I can get through those very quickly and I did. But each round also included 10 bear complexes. I love bear complexes but have never done them with the sandbag. I half expected the play in the sandbag to make them feel all convoluted during the transitions from front to back and back to the ground thinking I might need to drop each one and reset. I’m not sure why I thought that since I’ve done similar transitions in the past with the sandbag with no issues.

I actually got through them pretty easily without dropping it other than when I planned to drop it to keep the sets small. It was pretty hot this evening, I’d say pushing 90 ℉, but thankfully not all that humid at least. I purposely kept the sets small to keep from overheating and from the third round on to gather myself since, one again my rep fitness sandbag inner filler opened. The pea grave helps a lot with me being able to complete a WOD when that happens but still I feel it shouldn’t happen. I can’t wait for my new Brute Force sandbag to get here. Our smaller one never had that issue. It’s tolerable with the gravel since there’s much lest dust escaping when that happens but I was still getting some dust in the face.

I ended up completing the WOD in well under the 20 minute goal time. I had 17:02 despite the factors that were going against me having a good time. I think I could probably have had sub 15 minutes if it wasn’t so hot and the filler didn’t open. The combination of the dust and sweat caused me to get a few blisters on my fingers. Gonna make the heavy deadlifts fun tomorrow!

It reminded me of bear complexes with the barbell which I love doing but haven’t done any for quite some time now. Complexes made me remember the Crossfit DT WOD which is a personal benchmark one for me. I’ve never done it RXed. The first time I did it I struggled with 95 pounds when I was fairly new to the movements ans Crossfit style of workout. I wanted to quit but the awesome coach wouldn’t let me. Since then I’ve done it several times, heavier each time and faster each attempt. It’s been my intention to do it RXed next time but street parking doesn’t seem to program those types of WODS and I just haven’t made time to attempt it on my own. Maybe I’ll do it soon but probably not. I have so many ideas but not enough time

Remember even if a day feels like it will go poorly still try to do your best. You may end up pleasantly surprised like I was today.