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What A Thunderstorm Here Last Evening

There was a nasty looking line to our west earlier that seemed to be weakening a bit as it approached us. There was continuous lightning for a while, then the cells split. It seemed we were going to get missed or just brushed by the norther edge of it.

Here we were in a nice moderate rain then out of nowhere a blinding near whiteout of rain along with very strong winds with shit blowing everywhere here in Mount Joy. The entire time and for a good 45 minutes before the storm got here really there was a constant rumble with strobe like lightning.

We lost eight to ten more branches from our tree. One punctured the patio chair. The chairs blew and one shattered a clay pot with milkweed in it. Everything else blew around, including heavy pots. Oddly enough, everything again missed our glass table again.

We went for a short walk last night after it passed. Leaves and branches were down everywhere on our block, yet part way through the next block there was no sign of anything. Not even any leaves were really blown down.

It seems like the damage was a block or so wide and cut through the eastern part of the town of Mount Joy. On either side, it looks like nothing happened. Definitely enough to make me wonder if there wasn’t one of those short-lived tropical spin up tornadoes. As far as I know, the NWS wasn’t investigating that. Here the radar beam is about, 10000 feet above the surface.

There’s not a lot of our tree left, with at least one more branch hanging by a fork in the branches. The neighbor’s tree has some like that too. Not really anything happened, even a couple of houses away. That was one intense storm for Lancaster County.