When Websites Aren't As Smart As They Think They Are

I just spent entirely too much time trying to sign up for a a grocery store’s delivery or in our case pick up at the door service. They really do make that whole thing far more difficult than it has to be but I get it. They want you to go into the store and impulse buy stuff. The problem with going into stores right now is the whole inconvenience of them wanting you to follow lines and arrows and go through hopes in the name of social distancing yet other people just do what ever they want and have gathering chit chatting in the isles anyways.

Back to the topic at hand now though. In this example the website requires the store card number yet refuses to accept the one we have even though it’s worked fine in the store. I tried it on their android app with the same result. No big deal. They gave the option to sign up for one so I went through that process only to get the message that they will mail me the card. A lot of good that is doing me right now, thanks for wasting my time. Keep in mind our card hasn’t been a problem in the store. The machine scans and uses it just fine.

Another example of websites that aren’t as smart as they think they are is with address fields. We have an unusual but not uncommon type of address with a slash in it. I can’t count how many times websites refuse to accept the invalid address. It’s so invalid that the mailman manages to deliver junk mail here every day. Thankfully it’s not been an issue when I needed to use my address.

I can assure you that websites not allowing our valid address has cost them sales if the item or service could be found elsewhere.