This picture shows low fog rolling in along the ground during an early spring evening.

Low ground level fog that was cool yet eerie a few weeks ago.

With everything being so quiet the past couple of weeks I was reminded of this picture I took at a nearby park in early March. The skies had just cleared near sunset with ground fog suddenly appearing. I remember joking that it’s as if Stephen King and M. Night Shyamalan did a movie together.

Little did we anticipate how close to reality it was going to become. It’s just so odd not hearing the trains pass by or the steady flow of traffic using our street as a shortcut to avoid lights. Last night was the first I remember hearing a train pass by since this began. There were probably other night time freight trains that I slept through but I’ve been more than aware of not hearing the normal passenger trains and the almost predictable freight trains passing by. Very few trucks passing by where normally their are so many of them it’s annoying.

The kids aren’t playing basketball yet they’re home all day with the schools being closed. The only kids I’ve seen playing are the two brothers.

Even Main street is pretty deserted when it’s normally painful with so much traffic. It’s definitely a strange time to be alive but a good reminder that we don’t control the Earth, it controls us. Most people are taking this entire ordeal seriously but definitely not enough are. Don’t be a twat. Just do the right things now so this clusterfuck can be under control faster.