Windows 10 Picks The Worst Times To Be Slow

I don’t use Windows often at all but once in a while I need boot into it to use a specific program that I haven’t found an alternative to or stuff like update bios and that sort of thing.

It seems that they decided to download the annoyingly slow auto updates exactly the times I need to do something quick and reboot back into FreeBSD which is set up how I want it to be. There are never any available when I manually check if I am going to be away from the computer for a while and have to let it do it’s thing. I really hate that a few small things require windows or I wouldn’t even have had to pay the windows tax to buy it. In so many ways windows 10 is such huge step backwards.

Surely they could come up with a way to make the updates not so bloated and take 20+ minutes to reboot the computer when you’re waiting to use it for something else. That 20 minutes isn’t even including the inevitable getting windows ready when I boot back into it and the possible multiple restarts. It would no doubt be much faster if I used an SSD but I am not upgrading that drive until I have to. An actual progress bar or something giving you a clue that progress is being made would be nice. The spinning animation that they use is just pointless.