Yesterday's Derecho

The bow started in Northwest Pennsylvania around eight in the morning with some warnings. It looked like they may be on a trajectory to hit us.

We did get a decent thunderstorm here. Some moderate wind gusts and heavy rain with constant distant thunder were produced. Berks county and east of here is where the serious business was. We were on the southern edge of the line below the bow echo

I keep seeing pictures of downed trees from friends and family that live back in the Philly area. It definitely seems like there are plenty of trees down. It also seems many of them our out of power now too. PECO seems to have a lot of trouble with storms but I’m sure them having so many customers makes the stats sound worse than what they are.

Anyways by early afternoon the line of storms had raced off the NJ coast. Certainly seems they left a trail of wind damage.

If that wasn’t enough more clusters of storms popped up in the afternoon, again just passing by to our north. It was wild to see the pictures of the super cell heading right over center city Philly though. I’ve also seen cool videos of what appeared to be a micro burst.

Looks like their will be more storms today but not like yesterday. It’s another hot and humid day for sure.