You're Still Not Getting My Email Address

Surely, I’ve bitched about the annoying fucking sign up for our mailing list popups on every site these days before, but I’ve been noticing them using animation and wobbling and useless shit like that lately.

The simple fact is that you’re not getting my email address unless I do business with you, and you need a way to communicate delivery or order status or something. The only thing these fancy begging popups do is annoy me enough that I will most likely go elsewhere for what I am looking for. My main email address that is 20 years old email gets enough spam as it is.

The same goes for sites with those annoying chat pop-ups with the fake person saying they’re there to help. It’s highly unlikely that I want to even see a pop-up that interrupts me reading what I am actually looking for.

Let’s not forget about those overly abused cookie consent popups, either. Those are just malicious compliance with a poorly done regulation. Companies have used them to find yet another way to interrupt and annoy their users.

Makes me wonder if these annoyances actually work or just the marketer’s marketing works in convincing people to buy this useless shit in their websites. I have no problem at all with sites having mailing lists (not that I’d sign up.) But I do have a problem with the pop-ups that take up half the page, and you have to hunt for the close button on a mobile device. At least on the computer, you can usually just hit escape. The worst ones are the ones that have a bit of a delay, so it interrupts you reading an article or reading about an item for sale.

A real life analogy I can think of is if you’re in the store looking at the products on the shelf and having the store owner or some employee run in front of you and scream. They’d be begging for your phone number or email address. I’d sure as shit walk right out of the door.