Zero To Sixty

Yesterday’s high was in the mid 60s, that would be 60+ degrees higher than the low 5 days earlier. The only reminder of the cold few days before were the patches of snow left over in the shaded areas but by evening only a few remnants of piles were left. in hindsight and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it yesterday afternoon I should have opened a window to let some fresh outside air in the house.

It’s nice to live in an area with variable weather like here in Pennsylvania. This winter has been a winter of extremes and wild swings. I like that and think it’s very interesting. It would have been nice if instead of rain before the cold swings it was snow but at least that happened the last storm.

This winter although disappointing snow wise has reminded me how cool it was to have a personal weather station. I had a Davis Vantage pro2 for years until it seemed to stop transmitting. The was very cool to have although the console was very hard to see. I’m now looking into what else is out there I can get that might be reasonably accurate but a bit cheaper. Due to a large tree and a small yard with houses blocking the wind I couldn’t install it ideally but it would still be cool to have an acceptable setup considering what is available to use. The ambient weather ones look like they could be what I’m looking for.

Not much snow this year so far and doesn’t look promising for any anytime soon. I’m still hoping my grandfather’s snow calendar holds true where recorded all of the snow storms for years and most of them were in February and March. I should have grabbed that from his house but couldn’t bring myself to go there after my Nan died and he was in the nursing home.