Fitness Equipment We Use And Like

Over the past years we’ve slowly picked up our own equipment starting out as a way to practice stuff at home. A rower, cheap bar, some plates here and there, rack and it slowly built up to be a fairly nicely equipped garage gym for us just in time for scheduling to become and issue at our old Crossfit gym and more importantly the pandemic of 2020 Some of the places we’ve gotten stuff are:

Rogue Fitness - Rogue Fitness can be expensive but you can’t go wrong with their stuff. I’ve seen it abused in the gym and no issues at all.

Christian’s Fitness Factory - This place can be hit or miss but the nice thing for us about them is we can go to their store and check stuff out or have it now. it’s 10 minutes away and have had a bench from theirs and some kettlebells with no issues at all. The jump ropes have worn but that’s normal wear and tear

Rx Smart Gear - Double unders are one of those things I just don’t care about anymore but back when I did I went through several jump ropes but they were all too light for me to “feel” how it’s moving. I discovered this place and ordered from them. The handles are nice and the fact that you can get different weighted cables is really nice. The fact that they aren’t easily adjustable sucks but it worked out for me following their method.

Brute Force Sandbags And Brute Force Training - Last summer I got a sandbag from them and that thing has been used and abused a lot. Before I got my own I was using 75 pounds in it with no issues. Now we have two from them. Molly’s 25 to 75 pound one and mine which can do 50 to 125 pounds. They’ve been great. I’ve more than once used three fillers in mine for a total just over 100 pounds.

Kettlebell Kings - In 2018 I was looking for a 32KG kettlebell. We went to Christians but they didn’t have what I wanted. I didn’t want to pay the rogue premium so I found this place. I really like the kettlebell and the coating is a little rougher so I’ve never felt the need for chalk yet.

Rep Fitness - We’ve ordered couple of things from them and have been happy. This is where we managed to finally find and order dumbbells that were in stock over the summer of 2020. Shipping was quick and they are being used somewhat frequently by us.

2pood - 2pood is where I bought my weightlifting belt. I haven’t really used it that much yet but it certainly feels like it’s quality and will end up being a great addition to my toolbox.

Titan Fitness - We’ve gotten an upgrade to our bench from Titan and it seems to be good quality and heavy. We also got a bar jack which is a game changer for loading and unloading the bar for deadlifts.

No Bull - While not limited to home gym use I included this because I recently bought a pair of their shoes and really like the solidness and stability of them.

Concept 2 - this is the rower to get. I don’t have any experience with others but I’ve seen these used and abused n the old gym and we’ve had ours for 7 years now with no issues. Only thing we’ve done to it is oiled the chain a few times and upgraded from the PM4 to PM5 for the Bluetooth capability and back lit screen. It just works and can be as hard or easy as you want it to be. I was even able to use it for light rowing when I felt my worst with my active COVID infection.