I decided it’s time to bring back my good old fashion links page to websites that I find interesting or useful. Some of these I’ve had book marked for two decades now.


American Weather - this is the best weather forum that I’ve found. I’ve been lurking there for years. - I can’t speak for the weather aspect of this forum but they have a wealth of information in the personal weather station subforums.

Storm2k - Storm2k is a great forum for tropical weather related stuff. There are lots of knowledgeable posters in that field there.


Tropical Tidbits - This guy is certainly knowledgeable on tropical weather. I’ve been following him. He’s got some really useful stuff on there for tracking storms too.

COD: Satellite And Radar - The best weather satellite site I’ve come across.

NWS - Best place to get US forecasts. It’s not like those bloated, tracking commercial sites. Just the forecast. No hype.


Hacker News - Always has links to interesting articles and loads of interesting comments about those links.


Ken Shirriff’s blog - Lots of interesting posts old computes and stuff and also reverse engineering chips and things. Lots of it is over my head but still love reading it.

Dr. Pheo’s blog - a blog by a medical expert on pheochromocytomas. With Pheo’s being so rare this is an excellent resource to people like me who know they’ll probably have one someday.


Metal Archives - This is my go to website when it comes to information about metal hands or just metal in general.

Dark Lyrics - Metal song lyrics. I’ve been looking at and using this one for decades


Geocaching -High tech treasure hunt. We stil prefer to use a stand alone GPS because that’s how we started in the early 2000s but you can use a smart phone now. It’s helped us discover tons of new places.


Street Parking - Street Parking is the programming we use for our fitness in our garage gym. It’s HIIT and a lot like Crossfit was. Been using it for a couple of years now.

Strength Level - This is a handy little site that has various weight lifting calculators. It also lets you compare your lifts by age and lift to the others that have submitted data. The best part about it is that it’s not an “app.”


Where Is Webb? - It’s really cool how NASA has this page setup tracking the status and location of the James Webb space telescope.


FreshPorts - FreshPorts is the easiest place online to search for FreeBSD ports.

FreeBSD - Freebsd has been my choice operating system for 10+ years now both on my desktop and servers.