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My Thoughts

Okay Well here’s the place I will bitch or what not because i can if you don’t like it don’t read it

okay, first of all i wanna thank the one person who means everything to me. she is the reason i finally decided to get my shit together and learn to program. she is by far the greatest woman in the world, and a true goddess to me, anyone who does not know her is missing out on knowing a great friend. I would give my life to her and would give it for her. the only thing I want is to see her as happy as she can be.

Ya know a few days ago i noticed that people connection has some new public chat rooms.. in the romance section such as “gay young”, “lesbian young”, “gay bear” “home alone”, and the first thing i though t of was poor innocent kids. but i would hate to see them go in those pedophile rooms. what kind of normal person would need to look for sex on AOL anyways? I’ve been on AOL for 3 years. do you know how many people just let there kids go on there and make us hafta babysit them?

Remember AOL are the same hypocrites that don’t let you say a band name such as “anal cunt” in a a room dedicated to the type of music. yet they allow screen names such as : “SPANKINFUN”, “DRAGDICK”, “G SPOT 889” and im sure there are many others.. AOL does not care to protect children or anyone else all they want is your money. Here is how much AOL cares, I had wrote to aol concerning this. here is my reply (its just a normal form letter)

Subj:	Re: Terms of Service
Date:	99-04-08 23:26:09 EDT
From:	TOSGen2
To:	alive deth

Dear Member,

Thank you for reporting this information to us. Please be assured that I have looked into this report carefully and taken appropriate action. Because we respect the privacy of every member of America Online, we cannot disclose specific information regarding any action we have taken against another account.

Along with your help, and the help of many other members like yourself, the Community Action Team works to keep America Online informative, entertaining and, above all, fun for all our members. For helpful information from the Community Action Team, please use keyword TOS.

Please note, this screen name cannot accept replies. Therefore, if you have any comments or questions please go to Keyword: TOS Questions.

Community Action Team
America Online, Inc.

Well, All i have to say about this bullshit is if one innocent child gets hurt because of this shit, all of the people involved should be shot. Aol says that they want to protect the children. Well this is total bullshit because if they did, they would not have these chat rooms i listed as public rooms and very easily accessible. No, I do not expect aol to be a babysitter. That is not there job, but many parents think that’s what a computer is for. Another problem with America Online is its total its TOS, The Terms of service are a cryptic pile of shit which pretty much says they can and will terminate your account for no reason. They have this one chat room called “Music Metal” which has turned from a room where many cool people who liked good kick ass metal.. to a room full of aol sluts who can’t get sex in real life so they must go for cyber. Some of them kiss aol’s volunteer’s asses and can do what they please. while the rest of us have to follow the rules. I have gotten a warning for proving this. I asked if anyone like the band “anal cunt.” which is a band. it seems disguising that band in a public room is not allowed because of the word “cunt.” Remember that is a bad word, but its okay for one of the ass kissers to say “fuck” or call someone a “faggot” hmmmmmm is that hypocrisy? Yes it is but oh well, we live in a world full of hypocrites.

Proof that people are stupid

Below is an Email from an inbred moron who didn’t seem to like my web site. Also after she sent me this email she sent me an email with the happy99 virus. the attached file was even called happy99.exe here it is :

From: Anne Marie Grgich
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:28 AM

man yo rally suck dick
Well, as you and i can see, this person really has some problems. He/she Spelled 2 out of 5 simple Words wrong. I think what They really meant to do is ask me to suck my dick, but they failed to have the working braincells to figure it out. I am sorry to disapoint them, but I have standards and besides that I already want someone different.

In conclusion FUCK YOU!!!!

I'm really drunk now but all i got to say is fuck you all but the one person who stuck by me through ever thing.

Lately it seems that there have been people who have been trying to interfere with my life. If you dont agree with it you dont have to, but dont be trying this fucking guilt shit on either of us. And if you do wished to say something about the situation fucking confront either or both of us directly and as an adult and get the facts straight!!! Dont go thinking you know shit when you dont. Well, you see me and this other person have something you mother fuckers will never ever have!!! we have true trust, we are the truest of friends. If you read this, you know exactly who the fuck you are. Dont ever try to interfere, or get between us or any bullshit like that. You cannot do that. so dont waste your time trying. Both of us in this is something where i am being hurt by it and we are the kind of people who would have been true, uncondtional friends for life. You’ve ruined that and lost it. May your fucking rotten ass burn in hell now.

I was just thinking. I was looking through Some of my cds, and listening to some i haven’t listened to in a while. Some that I was listening to are a bunch of Iron Maiden ones, Some old Black Sabbath ones. Rainbow, Queensryche, Dream Theater and of course some old Metallica, old Megadeth, and of course some testament. Anyways I was thinking after hearing that about how shitty music these days is. Look what is trendy these days. We have this trendy shit such as kid (with no cock) rock, Limp (dick) bizkit, and korn? What the fuck is this shit?

I feel bad for the kids today who only have this rap bull shit to listen to. They’ll never be able to say that they had good music when they were young. All They have is this media fed, wanna be rap bullshit where the bands have no tallent. They are not original and the “music” (I use that term losely) they play is far from heavy, Yet these poor fools believe what mtv and anyone one else tells them. One of the kids who listens to this shit was stupid enough to even compare the guitar shit in limp dicks to the God Randy Rhoads. He said something to the effect that he feel’s bad for randy because he was not good enought to play with 7 strings. With that I will end this bitching. One more thing, If you like any of this new trendy shit do us and the world and your self a favor, Go kill yourself.

Well lately I have been thinking alot of not wanting to spend the new year alone. I know I wont be spending it alone, next year is a fresh start. The most important thing of next year will be us giving each other rings. The material aspect of the rings is unimportant. What matters is the meaning of the rings and what the symbolize. In contrary to what certain closed minded fools who know both me and my better half were dead wrong. They claimed this person was out to play with my heart. If they would have taken 5 minutes to look past there own judgmental ways they would have seen the truth. They once considered me a good friend to them. now they may accept the friendship as void or nonexistant. On to more important things, back to the ring.

The ring symbolizes unconditional love. Love which never second. We will both hold the highest place in each other’s hearts forever. There will be no friends coming first. We will both have time for our friends, but never will let them come ahead of each other.

Another thing the ring symbolizes is that our love is unconditional. We will always feel the same about each other, nothing can change that. the feelings will never fade but only grow stronger.

An important thing the ring will mean is that our love is unbreakable. No one can interfere. we trust each other with all we have. I know in my past a certain person who will rename nameless chose to believe friends over me. That to me said that was not real love :) Me and my true love are not like that. we have each other’s full trust. A little bitch has already tried to interfere failed miserably. Another person tried to use guilt to push us a part but he also failed.

The Most important thing the ring means is forever. Forever is how long we will be together. We both know what we want and that is to have each other. I cannot wait till the day I can slide that ring on her finger so slowly. This is what i have been thinking about and what keeps me going.

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