Reds was the pit bull that my brother got. Like all pit bulls Reds was very strong. When he wagged his tail it was like a weapon. He didn’t know how strong he was and would just run you over. He also didn’t know how heavy he was and ended up being 100 pound lap dog. Other than being strong enough to knock them over he was great with my brothers’ kids at the time.

Reds was the horniest dog I have ever seen. It was bad enough that my mom gave him his own blanket to hump. It wasn’t just humping it though, he’d roll around on the floor with it fucking the shit out of it.

He also had allergies. My mom took him to the vet for it. My brother didn’t take care of him but my parents adopted him as their own.

This is a picture of my brother's reddish pitbull, reds. He's laying on a porch with my dad petting him.

Reds With My Dad

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